WP 1. Preparation

Analysis of the market and training needs (Lead – UNIVPM) and Building up the Project Network (Leads: PSU and BIT).
Prospective for further evolving of modern ICEs market and demand for Bachelor and MSc graduates in partner countries will be investigated.

WP 2. Development

Modernisation and enhancing of the structure and syllabus of the selected modules on advanced ICEs technology (Leads – UCLM and BMSTU).
This work will be carried out in cooperation by all partners and will consist of the following tasks:

WP 3. Quality Plan

(Leads: UNN and BIT).
Quality assurance of Master and Bachelor curriculum and teaching methods.

WP 4. Dissemination and exploitation

Exploitation (Leads - HEU and SUSU):
Dissemination of results (Lead - UNN):

WP 5. Management

(Lead – UNIVPM with support from UNN).

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