WP 2. Development


Full modernisation and enhancing of the structure and syllabus of the selected modules on advanced modern ICEs technology at the Bachelor and Master levels will be carried out. The teaching laboratories will be equipped and prepared for teaching process of the Bachelor and Master students. Teaching plans will be developed and finalised and modernised teaching modules will be approved (accredited) by partner University Administrations. At least 3 main modules at Bachelor level will be selected on Design of ICEs, Thermodynamics and working processes of ICEs, Organisation of combustion of fuels in ICEs. Each module carries an equivalent of 10 ECTS credits and approximately 50% of each module will be re-worked with outcomes of each module being revised. At least 3 modules at Master Levels with equivalent of 10 ECTS credits each on Modelling of working processes, Advanced combustion organisation methods, Modern Fuel supply systems will go through modernisation. Approximately 50% of content for each of 6 modules will be renewed (equivalent of 5 ECTS credits each) with outcomes of each module being revised. Highlighted modules have already been taught at least once.

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