WP 4. Dissemination and exploitation


Partner Universities will use the modernised modules at Bachelor and Master levels and will commence the teaching and examination processes as well distance improvement of Skills Development (SD) of PhD students. Partner Universities will organise internships in industrial companies and Monitoring and will report on the Employment history of graduates. Specialised workshops, conferences and information days will be organized during along all the three-years project

29 January 2020 – 7th Project Meeting of ASIAXIS Project to be held in Harbin from 20 to 22 of April 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

16 January 2020 – Project network expands with other 14 Kazakh companies

15-17 January 2020 – 6th ASIAXIS Project Meeting in Ciudad Real (Spain)

17 October 2019 – WORKSHOP with stakeholder industries held during 5th ASIAXIS Project Meeting in Chelyabinsk
A workshop with Industries and stakeholder have been held during the 5th ASIAXIS Project Meeting in Chelyabinsk.
After an Introduction of Prof. Vladislav Lazarev (SUSU), Prof. Gabriele Comodi (UNIVPM and Coordinator of the project), presented the ASIAXIS Project, the Consortium and an overview of the Bologna Process and of the Studente Centered Leraning approach; then Prof. Khamid Mahlamov presented the QA plan of the ASIAXIS Project. After these presentations: 5 representatives of Russian industries presented their companies and commented about the results of the survey. The Industry representatives were:

  • Mikhail Matsulevich (Bovid Company, and SUSU Professor and member of the staff of the Project)
  • Vladimir Murzin (Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant)
  • Olieg Mashkov (Turbine Company)
  • George Lomakin (DST Ural Company and SUSU Professor and member of the staff of the Project)
After these presentations, all the project partners presented the research activities of their institutions.

2 October 2019 – ASIAXIS Consortium presented the results of the survey in a Conference Paper at 14th SDEWES
Andrea Bartolini, Ph.D. student of Università Politecnica delle Marche, presented the paper “Analysis of the labour market and training needs in the field of Thermal Power Systems for cleaner environment: evidences from the ASIAXIS Erasmus+ Project”.

October 2019 – Congratulations to our PSU team member Bykov Petr as Vice rector has been appointed as Member of Ministerial working group on improvement of legal and regulatory documents in higher and post-graduate education

September 2019 – PSU chosen the ASIAXIS format of syllabus for all the new syllabus

12 September 2019 – Results of the survey on the «Analysis of the market and training needs» will be presented at 14th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) in Dubrovnik, 1-6 October 2019.

10 September 2019 - Next project meeting will be held from 16-18 October in Chelyabinsk (Russia), hosted by South Ural State University (SUSU).

June 2019 – Ruslan Mukanov, Kassenov Assylbek and Abishev Kairatolla of PSU have been appointed as Members of Ministerial working group on improvement of legal and regulatory documents in higher and post-graduate education

11 June 2019 – ROME – AIMSEA JOINED THE ASIAXIS PROJECT NETWORK. –The Committee of AIMSEA, the Italian Association of Fluidmachinery and Energy Systems for Environment, ratified the joining of ASIAXIS project network. AIMSEA members (more than 250 from more than 40 Italian Universities) are all the University Professors in the field of Fluidmachinery, Internal Combustion Engines and Energy Systems for Environment. The news from ASIAXIS project will be shared in the AIMSEA newsletter.

15 May 2019 - Workshop in Beijing

14 May 2019 – Prof. Alfredo Squarzoni appointed as External Advisor of the ASIAXIS project for the implementation of the Bologna tools and teaching and learning practices. See prof. Squarzoni CV

10 May 2019 – The project meeting has started in Beijing.

8 May 2019 “Analysis of the market and training needs” – Available online the results of the survey on the analysis and market needs (survey still ongoing) – Project Networks reached 37 among Companies and Organization.

20 April 2019 – Quality Assurance Plan of the ASIAXIS project has been finalized and it is now available online. QA will be officially presented at the next project meeting in Beijing 10-13 May 2019. Download pdf

23-25 January 2019- Third meeting in Moscow at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU).

12 September 2018 - Tv service about workshop on “APPLIED RESEARCH ON INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES”

Workshop in Beijing (15 May, 2019)
Workshop on QA plan and Bologna process.
  • Presentation of the ASIAXIS project
  • Presentation of the QA plan
  • Implementation of the Bologna process in EU Universities (UNIVPM, UCLM, UNIECAMPUS)
  • Opportunities of students and staff exchange with EU Universities


32 modules (out of 42) have been already taught once to more than 400 students.

More than 200 students have taken the exam.

More than 120 students carried out internships

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